AUTOINTERRUPTIONS: Abstraction and Disembodiment of the Performed Voice

This paper was presented under the theme 'radical ventriloquism' for the London Conference in Critical Thought 2019 at Goldsmiths, London, organised by Dr. Lee Campbell and Christabel Harley. Its content specifically navigated theoretic concepts of the abstracted voice. However, throughout the dry, theory-laden paper, pre-recorded audio interruptions gradually began to emanate from an invisible speaker. This demonstrated my own inner-dialogue and abstracted ‘voice’ critiquing the paper being delivered, speaking an internal rollercoaster narrative of subtle passive aggressive undermining, to self-coaching affirmations, to existential damnation. My outward voice attempted to ignore and stifle its subversive counterpart, gradually descending into aggressive vocal exchange and dual interrogation with an aurally omnipotent and entirely disembodied source.