THERE’S NO OTHER EXCEPT ME is a durational performance installation. Originally performed for SHOUT Festival 2016 and hosted by Birmingham Open Media.


The one night only performance invites its audience to respond to the potential of unanticipated dialogues through telephonic interactions.From the history of LGBTQI and civil rights movements, the artist reconfigures speech acts into informal conversations of universal affirmation and emancipation direct to the receiver via telephone within a curtained booth. These solitary, emotive and undisclosed personal exchanges create intimate discourse with only the technology of the telephone as the physical conduit between artist and participant.


The title of the work is taken from the words of Oz, the wizard, on being discovered as the invisible interlocutor behind the curtain to Dorothy.


This work was first performed shortly after the Pulse Nightclub Orlando Terror Attack 2016. Inadvertently, it became a facility of sanctuary and reflection for the LGBTQI community in attendance at the festival.